5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Penalize Your Website

5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Penalize Your Website

Here are 5 web designing mistakes you can avoid in the designing phase of your website.

1) Putting text in an Image

On the website, there are some images containing text. On these images text is included during the designing phase of these images.

If this practice is justified in some case, for example for content intended to be shared on social websites (such as a headline picture of a blog post, etc.), it should be avoided if possible.

First reason: Google does not know how to "read" an image as a human. The text included in the image is not analyzed by the search engine and it does not contribute to your SEO.

Second reason: By adding text in an image this way, the text is not responsive. That’s why may be it cannot be readable on mobile.

2) Using media that is too heavy

The images, videos and other GIFs have an undeniable interest in your web designing. They have an incredible ability to capture the attention of visitors and help in reducing bounce rate of your website.

But there is always a "but" – use of these media files can increase the loading speed of your website.

However, Google appreciates and rewards those website, which have fast loading time.
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Best practice is to optimize images by resizing and slightly decreasing their quality and instead of uploading videos on your web server, just embed video code on your web page.

By doing this, these media files does not affect loading time of your website.

3) Use intensive advertisement

Advertisement is a business model which is very common now a days. Many online websites making money by selling advertisement on their website and now on many websites advertisement is an essential part of website designing.

However, Google recently declared that websites have too many ads at the top of their pages could suffer its ranking in Google.

Search Engine Land Danny Sullivan says, "If it takes time to scroll down to the actual content of the website, Google penalty could hurt you.”

He says, that does not mean ads anywhere else on your website will affect your SEO.

Sullivan says, the trick is to keep a balance between ads and the content on your website.

4) Omit the H1 tag

It is normal if somebody want to establish his website with a superb design.

However, be careful and do not forget some fundamentals of SEO.

Let’s start with heading tags, especially with H1. It is one of the most important item on a website which search engines takes in priority to understand the topic of a web page.

Must use H1 tag on your website page properly, even if it compromises the dream design of your website design. Does not matter if it occupies too much space, don’t miss it.

After all, what if you have a website with beautiful design but it have no searches in Google?

5) Present all products on one page

A website must have good searches in Google, if proper keywords are using on each page of the website.

May be you have a best idea regarding your website design and you present all your products and services on a single page in a simple way. For the users it’s a best ide but Google may not appreciate it.

Imagine a company that has software development and professional training services and they put all on a single page. Search engines will have a hard time to understand what services they are offering.

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