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Content Management System

What is a CMS?

The CMS is actually an acronym for the phrase “Content Management System . So this is a content management system to update independently the contents of its website. The CMS has the advantage of separating content from presentation. Therefore, it is possible to write the content and put it online without having to worry about the layout. The content management system translates the text into HTML so that it can be read on a web page. The content writing is now possible thanks to an interface of “WYSIWYG “(What You See Is What You get). This interface is similar to a word processor with formatting tools familiar to users, such choice and font size, bold, italic, or underline an element of the text. The CMS is operated via the Internet. Thus, no additional software needs to be installed. Coupled with a secure system, content management allows a certain number of directors to access the content management of the site. The authorization is granted by a system username and password. Only authorized administrators can make changes. It is even possible to restrict access to a director of one or more sections of the website.

Do I really need a CMS?

Several reasons justify the choice to adopt a CMS. First, one of the major advantages of a CMS is that it is constructed to promote your ranking on search engines. You have then to concentrate on the content. Furthermore, a CMS interested and loyal users. Indeed, a regularly updated content encourages the user to increase the frequency of visits to your site. You can get closer to the customers you want to join.

Some additional reasons that fully justify joining a CMS:

  • Your site is rich in information
  • Your site contains many pages
  • The content of your website is frequently updated
  • Those responsible for writing the content for your site do not know the web languages like HTML.
  • Several people are responsible for the content of your website
  • You want to reduce your dependence on your website manager